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Copywriting: Welcome

Find the right words

When people read about your business, how do you want them to feel?


And when people visit your website, open your newsletter or flick through your brochure, what action do you want them to take? 


Words are powerful – choosing the right ones can be the difference between a sign-up and a see-you-later. 

So why not work with a professional copywriter who can inspire trust and action by articulating what your business stands for and how it adds value?   

Copywriting: About

What we do

Copy audit

A full copy audit of your website and other marketing channels and materials to see how you're communicating with your audience – and how it can be improved.


Brand voice

We'll help you identify an authentic brand voice and develop messaging and tone guidelines for your team.


If you're looking for an experienced and creative copywriter to write any of the following, drop us a line and we can draw up a brief:

- Websites

- Landing pages

- Case studies

- Product descriptions

- Email campaigns 

- Brochures

- Social profiles

- Social ads

- Blog & social content 

- Newsletter content

- Ebooks

- Reports

- Presentations


Copy-editing & proofreading

Send your copy for a thorough review – we’ve reworked thousands of pieces of copy over the years, looking at everything from messaging, accessibility and relevance to structure, syntax and tone.


Get in touch if you'd like to arrange coaching for you or your team on any aspect of copywriting.

Copywriting: Features

About us

I'm Chris, a copywriter, editor and content marketer. After over 13 years leading content teams in agencies and companies, I set up Citra Content as a specialist content production studio. 

I work with a small team of expert freelance content writers, and we create journalist-grade content for brands and their audiences. We have expertise in a variety of specialisms, and each of us has worked in the field for well over a decade, writing for major publications, running agency content teams, and transforming brands with the power of words. 


You could be a startup wanting to find your voice, a global name determined to cut through the noise, or a digital marketing agency with too much work on your hands. Whoever you are, if you're looking for creative digital copywriters who are friendly and easy to work with, drop us a line.

Copywriting: About Us
Copywriting: Testimonials

It's been a great experience working with Chris. Right from the offset he took the time to understand what it was we wanted to convey and put together a tight set of brand voice guidelines that have helped shape how we want to come across to our target audience. He always met the deadlines he had set for content delivery and was always available to jump on calls to discuss feedback. You can see that Chris really enjoys what he does through his enthusiasm and knowledge, which reaches far wider than being able to just write some 'nice' words. 

Anshul Kapoor, Director, Image Foundry

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